I am a local photographer in Colorado. I have been taking pictures for seven years now and feel incredibly lucky to explore different genres of art throughout my career. I am known for my black and white photography and began my photography path in film. My art can feel abstract as I focus on making the piece draw out an emotional response. Though many of my photos are nature-oriented, I try to find the forms of nature that aren’t typically seen.
I started black and white film photography when I was young and fell in love with the art of photography. My work is published in The Walkabout Journal, the Dairy Center, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Artistonish, Gallerium, and Las Laguna Art Gallery.
Today you can find my art in The Walnut Gallery on Main Street in Longmont. Professionally, I began as a freelance photographer and shot promotional photos for theatres. I love staging my photos so they pose questions, inspiring my audience to ask themselves what the piece says beyond what is on the surface.
Check out the article on how I got started in photography by Voyage Denver in the Inspiring Stories Series. 
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